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Ekseption was launched in 2016, and has been continuously developed to meet the growing demands of the dermocosmetic skincare market.

Equally important in the continuous development of ekseption are the innovative ingredients, latest skincare technology, user experience and overall end results that are achieved.

Our product formulations used in professional treatments and homecare routines have been developed to be effective whilst kind to the skin.  They meet the high demands associated with skin resurfacing, repair and regeneration.


Ekseption products and treatments have been designed to safely optimise the skin pH in order to achieve optimal skin renewal. Our products are based on organic acids and work in synergy with powerful active ingredients, each product is unique and helps to restore healthy, glowing skin.


Our products are not tested on animals and they are 100% vegan friendly, excluding the Caviar line.

discover skin cycling routines

Skin cycling is a home care routine that is recommended by dermatologists and has been a well-known treatment protocol in dermatology for some time. It basically consists of a four night routine. Generally this would include night 1 as skin exfoliation, night 2 for retinoids to be applied, and nights 3 and 4 would become recovery nights where the focus is to hydrate and to repair the skin barrier. Once you finish the four night cycle you would then repeat the process.


our favourites

</p><p><center>hydration sparkle</center>

hydration sparkle

Refreshing cream formulated with lactic acid to promote cellular renewal, and to achieve maximum skin hydration.

</p><p><center>pha activator</center>

pha activator

Powerful activator, formulated to reduce skin pH gradually, and to daily exfoliate, replenish moisture, reduce wrinkles, and pigmentation.

</p><p><center>triple acid peeling mask</center>

triple acid peeling mask

Intensive mask with organic acids. Produces a strong exfoliation that can last up to 7 days. It reduces roughness, wrinkles and pigmentation.