skincare trends

In 2022 the skincare market grew immensely, making it very hard to keep track of all the current trends.

2023 is a special year because the main trends focus on skin barrier health. Too often trends can be detrimental to long term skin health. Our skin specialists are here to cut through the trends and recommend the ones that would suit your skin. They will only recommend trends that will protect, nourish, balance and achieve skin harmony whilst providing those anti-ageing results that you are searching for. Discover below some of the popular skincare trends for 2023.



The Skin Kindness trend has evolved due to the demand for gentle but effective products. Years of over use, or applying too many high strength products has caused some skins irritation or damage overtime. With other trends such as Skinimalism and Skin rewilding also gaining popularity, it is apparent that in 2023 there is a huge surge in the search for cleaner, microbiome friendly skincare that will have a positive effect on the skin barrier and its functions.

Being kind to your skin or “Skin Kindness” is about reading the label, knowing your products and making sure you are only using what your skin needs. If you are unsure what products are best for your skin then consulting a dermatologist is always a good option, or you can contact a skin expert that specialises in dermocosmetic skincare.

Dermocosmetic skincare has been designed to prevent and to treat common skin concerns. It delivers safe, and effective active ingredients that have been specially formulated to improve your skin’s health and its appearance.

Our skin kindness approach is to make sure that our products are aligned towards skin barrier health. We practice reducing the complexity of your skincare routine, ensuring that you are only using truly beneficial products that bring real measurable changes to your skin in a personalised way.

We long ago introduced a selection of water free, preservative free cleansing powders that are eco-responsible. “Waterless Beauty” is a growing trend for 2023 and our powders have seen a new surge in demand since their launch 6 years ago.

How to be kind to your skin?

  1. Don’t follow trends blindly
  2. Read the product labels
  3. Look out for skin loving ingredients
  4. Avoid toxins
  5. Use multi-tasking products
  6. Change your skincare routine slowly
  7. Protect your skin with a suitable SPF product



Skinimalism is a trend that focusses on removing excess products from your skincare routine and using fewer highly effective products that will provide your skin with exactly what it needs. In the search for fewer products, multi-tasking products are highly desirable. Less products, more benefits and a simplified routine are key to skinimalism. Using fewer products consistently can provide long term skin benefits, time saving and financial benefits, and can prevent triggering skin concerns that are sometimes caused by swapping out or introducing products too frequently throughout the year.

A great way to minimise your routine is through personalised skincare such as our mixlab line. Combining different actives that work in synergy with each other into one topical serum  “my serum” is the optimal way to streamline your routine whilst at the same time achieving maximum benefits.

Mixlab “my serum” can hydrate, deliver natural plant extracts, prevent itching, redness and ward off inflammation. It can exfoliate whilst at the same time provide your skin with the most powerful anti-oxidant protection. Other conditions such as pigmentation disorders and wrinkles can all be treated at the same time? with mixlab, multiple conditions are treated through one product with ease, meaning that you can benefit from many of the powerhouse ingredients such as: retinol, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, pha’s, peptides and hyaluronic acid via one topical application.



Skin Rewilding is said to be the most popular trend in skincare for 2023. The use of skincare science through green chemistry and organic biotech, combined with gut health is being used specifically to achieve a balanced healthy wild state. This Megatrend and desire for skin barrier protection and how to “rewild” the skin shows no signs of slowing down.

Originally gaining pace in 2022, the hashtag #skinbarrier protecting has jumped from around 300 million to 2.9 billion views in the past year alone on TikTok. The desire for skin repair and skin barrier protection products that respect the skin flora is thriving as we embrace the benefits of protecting and encouraging good bacteria in the skin microbiome. The term received double the amount of Google searches in 2022 vs 2021. And according to trend tracking company Glimpse, interest in skin barrier repair grew by 65% in the year to February 2023.

Our probiotic serum (Probio-T Ultraserum) is a great starting point for skin health, especially beneficial to those suffering from redness, inflammation and dehydration. This serum takes a proactive approach in preventing and treating many common conditions and is beneficial for those that suffer from other skin concerns such as: eczema, rosacea, acne and acne rosacea. Taking the skin back to its natural state can additionally protect it from pollution and urban lifestyles.



Skin Flooding is trending on TikTok but actually it is nothing new. Our skin experts have always educated their customers on the benefits of layering products to improve skin concerns and to increase skin nourishment. You may have naturally layered products for years and therefore have been “skin flooding”  especially if you have experienced dehydration or suffer in Winter with the lack of moisture in your skin. These issues could have encouraged you to seek advice on how you can lock in moisture to make your skin feel more comfortable.

How to skin flood?

The key to skin flooding is to prevent moisture loss in the skin, known as trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). To do this there are key steps that need to be taken. See our example below:

Cleanse the skin well – we recommend using all-in-one cleanse and peel as it will provide a gentle daily exfoliation removing impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells.  All-in-one cleanse and peel contains Sodium Lactate a Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) found in the skin, and is required in the maintenance of natural hydration. Sodium Lactate is a superior moisturiser, increasing the moisture content of skin by up to 84%. When compared to other commonly used moisturisers its water holding capacity is second only to Hyaluronic Acid. Sodium Lactate effectively forces cells to hold water and therefore it is our most suitable cleanser to use when skin flooding.

Apply a toning mist – Match tea mist or Monsoon mist cleanse and peel is an important part of your cleansing routine and should not be missed. When you cleanse, the skin pH is naturally lowered through the cleansing process making your skin more acidic. Using a product with a very different pH level to your skin can disrupt its usual functions potentially leading to dryness, oiliness, redness or irritation. Spritzing your skin with one of our toning mists returns your skin to a regulated pH and increases moisture levels. Toners offer other benefits such as restricting skin pores, however regular use will help to prevent and correct avoidable issues.

Lock in a layer of serum. Use a serum that has humectant properties such as our mixlab serums or probio-T ultraserum that has been developed to specifically optimise and restore a healthy skin microbiome. Its richness in natural sugars (GOS and FOS), helps to improve the appearance and comfort of the skin, thus preventing the sensation of dry, tight skin.

Apply Hydration Sparkle for its water drop technology and Lactic acid formulation benefits. It promotes cellular renewal to achieve maximal skin hydration. The texture is surprising as it is extremely refreshing and light on application, and leaves a protective and nutritive film on the surface of the skin for many hours. The film avoids trans-epidermic water loss, improves skin comfort and increases hydration. When applied the cream disperses into the skin and releases water drops charged with lactic acid.



Whilst some skincare trends are questionable, most people who have tried skin cycling will agree that it offers many benefits and is a trend worth trying.

What is Skin Cycling?

It is a method of caring for your skin through a simple and consistent routine that has been recommended by dermatologists who have been practicing this well-known treatment protocol in dermatology for a long time.

The biggest confirmed benefits to skin cycling is increased tolerance to actives and a reduced risk of a compromised skin barrier. The routine allows for the use of stronger ingredients like retinol and exfoliants in a controlled way that minimises the chance of irritation.

Skin cycling isn’t completely set in stone, there are tweaks that can be applied to make it more suitable to each persons skin, but basically it consists of a four night routine that would include:


night 1 skin exfoliation

night 2 retinol

nights 3 and 4 recovery – the focus is to hydrate and to repair the skin barrier.


Once you finish the four night cycle you would then repeat the process. More information on skin cycling can be found here.



Bodycare 2.0 is a new age of targeted bodycare products that incorporate ingredients that have classically been used to treat the face. Our body product has been developed to treat multiple conditions within one product and contains: Gluconolactone (PHA), Tranexamic acid, Sodium lactate and Galicare an Ecocert lactic acid ester.

An exclusive product that breaks through the barriers of what is expected from bodycare.

Our Body resurfacing micro-peel and milk targets conditions on the body like hyper-pigmentation (patches of dark skin), discolouration found in classic areas of the body such as: chest, underarms, inner thighs, knees, and elbows. Hyper-pigmentation is one of the most common body skin concerns and can be caused by inflammation, sun damage, hormonal changes, friction or post-inflammatory scarring.

This one body product can also treat acne, most commonly found on the back, and keratosis pilaris which is often found on the arms and legs presenting as tiny bumps. Rough and dry skin is also reduced when using our body milk on a daily basis. We recommend this product for daily use to achieve healthy, radiant, smooth skin.