skin resurfacing with your ekseption skin specialist

Our skin resurfacing program contains simple but important steps to achieve the best results


Set-up objectives of the program

Depending on your skin type and your indications, the skin specialist will recommend a specific peel, and products to use at home, before and after each treatment.


Activation (7 to 14 days)

Using an activator, the skin is prepared for the application of a peel: reducing the superficial skin pH to around 4.5, whilst micro-exfoliating superficial dead cells and reducing the activity of melanocytes.



Skin is protected from solar radiation and free radicals with a specifically designed SPF that has a low pH and must be used every day, especially during all the activation period.



The first peel treatment is performed by the ekseption specialist, and is conservative to see how the skin reacts to the product during application and the first repair period.


Repair (7 days)

In the morning our SPF is used to protect the skin from UV damage. At night, an ekseption repair cream is applied to control cellular renewal and to prevent potential redness.


Consecutive peelings

The skin specialist can perform additional peel treatments as required to gradually reach deeper skin layers in a safe and controlled process.


Remodeling (7 to 14 days)

After the last peel treatment has been performed, the skin remodeling process consists of protecting the skin from UV with our SPF in the day, and applying at night the repair cream until the skin has fully regenerated (6-8 weeks).


Skincare routine

The skin specialist will recommend specific ekseption skincare products to use as maintenance. Continuing with ekseption products will help you to keep your skin healthy with an optimised pH and a health skin microbiome.